Cooking Instructions

Steam cook our tamales from the frozen state in a “pasta” perforated 12qt pot with insert or use your own tamale pot.

Be sure to put approximately 2 in. of water in the bottom of the pot (approx.. 2 ½ qts)


You may use any type of steam cooking vessel you prefer.

Note: you are just steaming them.

When placing your tamales in the pot be sure to stand them up with folded end down and the open end upward

This will keep product (tamale) in the husk.


Tamales should not be in the water

When cooking the tamales you want to make sure that you have the water at a continuous simmering boil.

• Dozen=45 min. – 1 full hour to cook

• (2-4) Dozen = 1 full hour to cook

Your tamales are done when they turn an orange red color.

There should be no pale yellow spots.

Tamales will be very moist and very hot when they are just done. If you want a firmer tamale tilt the lid to your pot so air will get inside. This will help them “dry or firm up” a little bit more at the end of the process. With our raw tamales you will only be cooking the corn masa. The meat product has been fully cooked.

If you have any questions please call:

Los Hernandez – Tamales



Reheating Instructions for the Microwave

Do Not Punch Holes in Plastic

Place tray in microwave

Heat for (5) minutes

Let stand for (1) minute

Heat again for (1-2) minutes

Let stand for (1) minute before serving.


Microwave times may vary from older to newer microwaves.

For smaller portions: Place a wet paper towel over the tamales and heat for (1-2) minutes.

All meat products are completely cooked