You can order online and pickup at Union Gap and West Valley.

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Pork & Chicken Tamales

Our Handmade tamales are made fresh daily. They are available Fresh steaming Hot or Frozen. You may also buy our tamales Raw for you to cook at home. Frozen tamales are packed by the dozen (12 tamales). *Please call ahead for large orders

Pork or Chicken Available Year Round

Lunch Special

2 tamales with rice and beans, plus 1 small salsa

2 Meat Tamales Only $9.99

1 Meat/1 Seasonal Tamale Only $10.99

2 Seasonal Tamales Only $11.99 (while supplies last)


Asparagus with Pepper Jack Cheese Tamales

These are our World Famous Tamales we have available seasonally each year. We use only locally grown Asparagus from the Yakima Valley.

Order by the Single or 1/2 Dozen or Dozen!

Cactus with Pepper Jack Cheese Tamales

A small batch offering available in both Union Gap and West Valley locations. Pricing may vary due to cactus cost.

Fresh Garden Salsa and Green Salsa

We make our Fresh Garden Salsa with tomatoes, Jalapeños, onions and a blend of spices.

Our Green Salsa is made fresh tomatillo, Jalapeños, cilantro and a secret blend of spices.

Comes in Small, Medium, Half Pint, Pint


Our Yellow or White corn masa is sold by 5lb bags. We cook and grind our corn with lime and stone grind to a course texture. We also sell masa Prepared that is made to order and only available fresh. Plain masa is available fresh or frozen. *The prepared masa is mixed with our special blend of spices. Prepared masa has to be ordered one day in advance.

Plain & Prepared are available in 5lb bags

Hojas (Corn Husks)

These are real corn husks, cleaned and stored ready to use. Each bag contains 120 pieces and makes 10 dozen tamales.

Bag – Ask for pricing

All Items Are Taxable