An Expert Offers A Step-by-Step Guide To Tamale Making By Leslie Kelly Felipe Hernandez has been making tamales for 25 years Felipe Hernandez has been making tamales for 25 years, after learning the family recipe from his sister, Leocadia Sanchez: “I needed a job,” he said. What he got was […]

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Destination Tamale: Set the GPS for Los Hernandez in Union Gap By Bethany Jean Clement Seattle Times food writer LOS HERNANDEZ tamale shop is a small, unprepossessing cinder-block building on Main Street in Union Gap, Yakima County. That four-lane strip itself has had more prepossessing days: It runs to weathered […]

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A Tale of Two Million Tamales By Heather Caro With layers of cornmeal masa and rich, seasoned fillings tucked into a softened husk, tamales might be the ultimate comfort food. And though enjoying renewed interest among the “foodie” crowd because it’s handmade and has versatile fillings, tamales are far from […]

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Tamales make hot enterprise for Yakima Valley immigrant By Linda Ashton The Associated Press UNION GAP, Yakima County — The history of tamales may date back to the ancient cultures of the Aztecs, Incas or Mayans, whose warriors needed portable food.Thousands of years later, the demand for food-to-go has not […]

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Los Hernandez Asparagus Tamales by Backroads Insider Every spring, Los Hernandez Tamales in Union Gap waits for the local asparagus crop to come on. And tamale lovers wait for Los Hernandez’s pepper jack and asparagus tamales. I just checked in and learned that over the weekend, Felipe Hernandez and his […]

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Tour Los Hernandez, a Year-Round Tamale Staple in Eastern Washington by Brenna Houck Welcome to the photo series Eater Scenes, in which photographers visit some of the world’s great food sites to capture them at a certain, and very specific, point in the day. Today, photographer Gordon King visits Los Hernandez […]